NSN Wins Taiwan’s LTE First Tender

We have followed NSN’s (Nokia Solutions Network) path and successes over the past months. After winning contracts from several large companies from different parts of the world, NSN remains a highly profitable division for Nokia. And now, they have won Taiwan’s LTE first tender – Chunghwa Telecom.

Chunghwa Telecom is the largest operator in Taiwan with over 10 million mobile subscribers. They have chosen Nokia Solutions and Networks as a supplier to its 4G LTE network, that will roll-out in 2014. They have also extended its existing contract with NSN as sole supplier of its island-wide 3G HSPA+ network to further increase the network capacity.

Here’s the Press Release:

“We are launching the LTE network to meet the ever-increasing subscriber expectations for fast-speed mobile broadband. Having a reliable vendor with an excellent track record to support our ambitious roll-out target is crucial for us,” said Mr. Kuo-Feng Lin, President, Mobile Business Group at Chunghwa Telecom. “Our successful collaboration with NSN dates back almost 15 years, starting in 1999 with the deployment of our 2G GPRS core network and evolving over the years to 3G and now 4G.”

“Our success in the first 4G battle in Taiwan shows that NSN continues to be a strong leader in the LTE market,” said Markus Borchert, president and head of Customer Operations, Greater China at NSN. “While this is a new LTE reference for NSN, our high-quality products and services together with a long-term understanding of Chunghwa Telecom’s network gave us the competitive edge that led to the operator’s decision to select us as one of a 4G vendor.”

Under the contract, NSN will implement an LTE Radio Access Network with its market-leading Flexi Multiradio Base Stations. The company will also expand its 3G network nationwide, ensuring smooth and smart 3G and LTE interworking. As another part of the radio access deal, NSN will enable voice services for LTE smartphone users with its circuit-switched fallback (CSFB) technology, which allows an LTE handset to “fall back” to the 3G network to complete circuit-switched calls and SMS alongside LTE mobile broadband data services.

NSN will provide its full turnkey solution for network deployment. The deal also includes network planning and optimization, system integration, technical consultancy and care services. The Operations Support System (OSS) will be based on NSN’s cloud-ready NetAct platform for efficient and flexible network operations.

We are happy and proud for NSN’s continuous achievements. We are looking forward for more deals, contracts and expansions for NSN’s LTE network and infrastructure globally.

Find the official announcement here: 2013-12-16 NSN – Chunghwa Telecom LTE win in Taiwan (English) (PDF, 87.13 KB)


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