Apple to set up development center in Taiwan

Hiring to begin in September for a new Taipei-based engineering team to drive new iPhone product development.

Apple to set up development center in Taiwan

VR-Zone has learned that Apple is currently in the recruiting stage to build a new engineering development team in Taiwan to work on the next-generation of iPhone product development.

Internal communications from Apple seen by VR-Zone show that the work results from this new Taiwan team will be used to create new products. The team will report to Apple’s headquarters in California.

Hiring will begin in September. Apple is currently looking for experienced and junior level engineers as well as junior and senior levels of management. Apple has not advertised these positions and is currently hunting for candidates by word of mouth.

Considering that Apple’s processor supplier, Samsung, has switched to local foundry Taiwan Silicon Manufacturing Company, it would make sense to have a Taipei based team to work closely on a number of engineering elements. It could also be that Apple didn’t feel confident setting up a sizable R&D operation in China,considering the government’s hostility in the country towards Apple, the very real risk of intellectual property theft by employees.

Apple is currently recruiting the following positions in Taiwan: Hardware Development Engineers (areas of expertise: audio, camera, sensors, power, analog, touch, RF, antenna, battery), Panel Process & Optics Engineers, Product Development Engineers, Product Development Engineer, Mechanical Engineers – Product Displays, Materials Technical Program Managers, Test Engineers, Software QA, Reliability Engineers, Product Safety Engineer – PD, Firmware Engineers, Engineering Program Managers.

Here’s the story from our sister site, VR-Zone Chinese.

著重 iPhone 開發及後續維修,Apple 將在台灣設立亞洲研發中心

根據消息來源指出,Apple 正在台灣招募開發人力,以在台設立 iPhone 研發團隊。

根據 VR-Zone 中文得到的消息來源指出,Apple 目前正在台灣招募開發團隊,以期在台灣設立研發中心。該研發中心將推動新 iPhone 和其他新產品開發,並直接向加洲總公司回報。

Apple 新研發中心的需求人力包含面板製程和光學工程師、系統整合、低電壓 AC-DC、DC-DC 工程師、產品開發工程師、機械工程師、材料技術計畫管理師、測試工程式、軟體品管工程師、可靠性工程師、產品安全工程師、韌體工程師、工程計畫管理師等。

除了研發中心的職缺外,另一個消息來源也指出 Apple 會在台灣增設維修中心,同時通路部分也將增設更多的人力。

Apple 在台設立開發中心的好處除可以使用較為廉價的人才外,同時從現有職缺來看,Apple 也將在台灣招募供應商社會責任專家 以就近管理零件供應商的社會責任。而種種跡象都指出,台灣人才較中國易管理許多,同時也不會因為中國政策轉變,而被迫中斷長期的投資。此外,台灣零組件供應鏈完整也可能是 Apple 考慮到另一個好處,特別未來將訂單從 Samsung Electronics 轉向 TSMC 後,台灣研發中心的地位就顯得相當重要。

目前資訊並沒有獲得 Apple 官方證實,但根據我們所接獲的訊息來看,在台設立研發中心的可能性幾乎接近 100%。


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