MediaTek – OmniVision tie-up to enhance phone technology

TAIPEI, Taiwan — MediaTek Inc. announced Friday it will work with OmniVision Technologies, Inc., a leading force in advanced digital imaging solutions, to develop new handsets with more versatile camera functions.

OMNIVISION TECHNOLOGIES, INC. VIV LOGOExecutives of MediaTek, a major fabless semiconductor company and design house of smartphone chips based in Hsinchu, said that the smartphone market is growing at an ever-faster pace, and consumers are demanding both diversified and personalized functions.

Aside from providing intelligent handsets with attractive appearances and powerful functions, new smartphones need to meet consumers’ desire for more specialized and individual performances in order to maintain competitiveness.

Forward-facing cameras have become a standard part of smartphones but are still not being fully utilized, with image quality still poor and applications lacking, according to MediaTek.

But cooperation with OmniVision will help the partners to develop new technologies that can integrate images taken by both of the front and back cameras for the best effect.

Consumers will also be able to easily readjust the sizes of the images.

Smartphone users can also exert creativity and innovation to generate pictures with special features on their own, they said.

In addition to increasing the utilization rate of front cameras, customers can make use of the new functions to enhance video communication with friends via their smartphones for more fun, they added.

OmniVision, listed on the Nasdaq index in the U.S., owns the CMOS sensor and imaging technology that enables superior image quality in many consumer and commercial applications, including mobile phones, notebooks, netbooks, webcams, entertainment, and security and surveillance.
The China Post


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