Nokia ruined in the hands of two Taiwanese companies

According to Taiwan media reports, National Taiwan University, Taiwan Vice President Tang Mingzhe accept the concept of “Business Week” interview, said Nokia is hited down by two Taiwanese companies, the two companies are MediaTek and HTC.


According to “Business Week” reported, Tang Mingzhe feel that smart phone scale is only about 10 million units in all, plus the development costs are high, but at last HTC won the market, and also to find a chance to raise up again. Nokia’s market share in emerging markets and a certain decline in cell phone industry have pointed out that “there is a large contribution from the MediaTek.”


Nevertheless, there are different views raised by netizens pointed out that even without the rise of HTC, Nokia’s market share will still be other Android manufacturers divided out. Some people think that Nokia’s stubbornness, is the main cause into its current situation.


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