R.I.P. itojun

Rest in peace, my IPv6 guru.

I was totally shocked and didn’t really have words when I heard this from #bsdchat. I cannot believe he’s gone. It’s a terrible loss for the BSD and Internet community at large.

I didn’t meet him in personally but attended his speech “Implementing IPV6: Expereiences at the KAME Project” (through conference call) at ASIA BSDCon 2004. (Robert Watson, M. Warner Losh, Sam Leffler, Greg Lehey and Kenjiro Cho were there, too!) (See more details in Photo album 1, album 2 and the March 2004 diary from Greg Lehey)

And when I was still a graduate student and had a research topic in IPv6 (Mobile IPv6 especially), I had ever kept tracking his every commit in KAME Project because the FreeBSD was my main testbed and I had to keep the IPv6 stack up to date.

I can remember when the Orkut was launched at that time, he was invited to join this experimental social networking website as well. Not limit his passion to IPv6 only, he was even more active in the virtual world and gathered so many connections shortly. But he removed his account from Orkut because of annoying SPAM and so many strange friend requests. It’s a pity that is the last mail I got from him.

My last mail from itojun

I was busy with my new job on telecommunication after I graduated from school and didn’t hear from him quite a long time.

You left way too early, my friend. You’ll be missed and I give your family and friends my most sincere sympathy.

Here are some useful links to let us cherish the memory of this great man and his wonderful contributions.

Brief information about his memorial and funeral service


IPv6 Samurais


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