2010 Free Software Awards – Special Acknowledgment goes to Adrian Hands

Quoted from FSF:

Stallman and the awards committee also gave special acknowledgment to the work of Adrian Hands, who passed away on February 3rd of this year. Adrian suffered from ALS, and was unable to use a keyboard — but using a Morse code device and deep dedication, he spent some of the last days of his life writing code to improve the usability of GNOME for himself and others.

Adrian Hands

Adrian 患有 ALS(就是俗稱漸凍人的疾病)於今年 2 月 3 日去世。他在世的最後一段日子仍利用僅有的精力和摩斯電碼輔助設備(當時他病情嚴重已無法使用鍵盤)繼續無償地為 GNOME project 提交改進程式碼。



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