UNlimited TAIWAN

Taiwan has done so much for this world, why cannot Taiwan become a part of the world ?


UN for TAIWAN 官網 http://www.unfortaiwan.org/

U.S. DEPARTMENT of STATE: A Strong and Moderate Taiwan

閃靈樂團 UNlimited TAIWAN 歌曲主頁 http://www.chthonic.org/unlimited/

Just like The Plastic People of the Universe, went against the grain of the Communist regime and due to its non-conformism.

The Plastic People of the Universe hopes to re-familiarise Czech society, and especially contemporary youth, with attempts at free speech under the Communist regime. The band which was formed in the same year as the 1968 Soviet-led invasion, has come to represent the values that led up to the 1989 Velvet Revolution.

然而蘇聯鐵蹄的入侵,使原本百花齊放的布拉格藝文圈一夕之間黯淡無光。以 Plastic People of the Universe 為圓心向外擴散的文化界,從此只能轉往地下發展,且時時活在逮捕與審訊的恐懼裡。搖滾的骨子正是反抗威權,這種思想豈見容於鐵幕。於是整個七零年代至八零年代末葉,Plastic People of the Universe 遂成了一組謎樣的符碼,也是西方人嘴裡最偉大的地下樂隊(the greatest obscure rock band of all time)。世人都知道這麼一群人馬長期以來依靠著音樂與信念對抗共黨,即便逮捕入獄、慘遭不人道對待,由 Plastic People of the Universe 衍生出的相關人物、事件與思潮,仍鮮活地流動在布拉格的冷風裡。

Quoted from 音速青春 Plastic People of the Universe Nov.11


UNlimited TAIWAN 歌詞英漢並列版(from 閃靈主唱 Freddy 部落格)


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