RAN4 way back

繼上次 RAN1 的多重輸入與多重輸出技術之歌(MIMO Song)後,RAN4 亦在心力交瘁之後,提 contribution 提醒了大家 3GPP 舊時光的美好…。


New Abbreviations
    MSR = Meeting Spatial Randomness
    ICIC = Increased Coffee Intake and Consumption
    COTS = Can Over The String
    C-OTA = Can Over The Air

3GPP R4-105000 COTS

To avoid further decay and development it is proposed that RAN4 adopts the following way back:

  1. Focus on zero carriers, no power and ultra narrow bandwidth features without MIMO.
  2. Coffee
  3. Increase MSR (Meeting Spatial Randomness) and introduce beer breaks.
  4. More Coffee, i.e. increased coffee intake and consumption (ICIC)
  5. Investigate the use of string theory to enhance communication.

讀了 LTE 的人應該都會覺得第一項是 mandatory çš„å•Šå•Šå•Š… 不過現實中恐怕第二項才是最有用的… å—š…

看吧,連訂規格的人都喊累啊~ XD


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