Infineon Strengthens Communication Activities Through Acquisition of LSI’s Mobility Products Group

Neubiberg, Germany – August 20, 2007 – Infineon Technologies (FSE/NYSE: IFX) today announced that the company will further strengthen its activities in the field of communications by acquiring the mobility products business of LSI Corporation (LSI) for a price of approx. Euro 330 million plus a contingent performance-based payment of up to Euro 37 million. Pending the approval of the corresponding authorities, the deal is expected to be closed in the fourth calendar quarter of 2007.

Through the first six months of 2007, LSI’s Mobility Products Group reported sales to the tune of Euro 150 million. From the acquisition, Infineon expects a clearly positive EBITA contribution (EBIT before amortization of acquisition-related intangible assets) in 2008. LSI’s Mobility Products Group comprises mainly mobile radio baseband processors and platforms that complement Infineon’s existing portfolio. The transaction does not include production facilities. As part of the transaction, approximately 700 LSI employees will join Infineon.

“This move demonstrates our commitment to maintain and grow our leadership in the wireless market. The business acquired from LSI will significantly strengthen our position at important mobile phone makers and will add highly qualified experts to the Infineon team,” said Dr. Wolfgang Ziebart, President and CEO of Infineon Technologies.

“Infineon’s strong commitment to the mobility market will ensure our customers continuity of the LSI product line, ongoing customer support and a broader portfolio of solutions to address their needs,” said Abhi Talwalkar, LSI president and chief executive officer. “LSI is fully committed to work with Infineon to provide a seamless transition for customers.”

Analysts expect that world wide approximately 1.1 billion mobile phones will be sold in 2007. This makes mobile phones the biggest market segment for electronics. Annual growth for the next three years is expected to be around 6.5 per cent, driven mainly by growth in the Far East and India.

Following the carve-out of Qimonda in 2006, Infineon is focusing on three key areas of business: Energy Efficiency, Communications and Security. The company announced to grow in these areas and to strengthen existing businesses. This objective is to be attained by both acquisitions and organic growth. Following the acquisition of Texas Instruments’ DSL CPE business earlier this year, the integration of LSI’s Mobility Products Group is another major step in strengthening Infineon’s core business. In the Communication Solutions segment, Infineon’s endeavors to win new customers for the mobile platforms have been crowned with success. Major new customers have been gained in Nokia, LG-Electronics, Panasonic and Samsung, widening the customer base.

Originally, LSI’s Mobility Products Group belonged to Agere Systems. In April 2007, Agere was merged with LSI in a transaction valued at approximately Euro 3 billion in stock.

全文轉載自 infineon 官方新聞公告。

去年 12 月份 LSI 宣佈將以價值近 30 億歐元的股票將 Agere Systems 吃下,然後不到一年的時間再把 Mobility Products Group 以 3670 萬歐元賣給 infineon?會不會虧太多啊?Agere 的技術有貶值得這麼快嗎? question

而 ModemART çš„ SDR 技術就這樣由以色列一路到了美國(先在 2005 å¹´ 2 月被 Agere 買去,然後 Agere 再被 LSI 合併),現在又到了歐洲,在德國 infineon 公司的整合下,是不是能夠再創高峰與突破呢?值得期待…(喔,這技術在中間也有跑到台灣來就是了… x)


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