Symbian introduces POSIX libraries on Symbian OS

P.I.P.S. = PIPS Is POSIX on Symbian

16 January 2007 在北京辦公室(Symbian 中國分公司)的開幕活動中,Symbian Ltd 正式向世人宣佈 POSIX libraries on Symbian OSTM。此函式庫的誕生有助於降低 porting 其他平台上的應用程式到 Symbian OS 上的 effort,並且延展了在 Symbian OS 上開發應用程式的實用和便利性,我想許多手機工程師(特別是搞 MMI 或寫 Apps 的)都會很興奮,這是大家都期盼了很久的東西。

我想 P.I.P.S. 計畫同時也有助於 Symbian 抵抗 MicroSoft 在手機作業系統市佔上的不斷進逼。

去年暑假 Nokia 在把 Apache webserver 移植到 Symbian OS 上頭時,就已經做過 Symbian’s POSIX layer 的開發,故事可見 Nokia turns cellphones into webservers。當時還一大堆人覺得 Nokia 搞這東西有用嗎?如今雖然手機還不到可以承擔 webserver 的任務之時,但 POSIX porting 這塊終於開花結果。(有些事情還是需要時間來看其成效與影響的)

目前看起來 Symbian 是加了一層新的 POSIX C APIs framework,裡頭至少有 4 種業界常使用的標準函式庫:

  • libc – The “C Standard Library” with system APIs mapped to Symbian OS APIs for better performance
  • libm – A mathematical library
  • libpthread – Implements POSIX-style threading support in terms of the underlying Symbian OS thread support
  • libdl – Implements POSIX-style dynamic linking which extends the dynamic loading model of Symbian OS

Symbian 開發商市場營運總監 Bruce Carney 說

“P.I.P.S. is part of Symbian’s ongoing investment to enhance the development experience on Symbian OS. Native Symbian C++ continues to offer the richest set of APIs for smartphone functionality, with Symbian also enabling familiar frameworks, virtual machines and run-time-environments such as POSIX, Crossfire, Java, Python, Flash and OPL to help move any developer onto the market’s leading and richest mobile OS. In addition, the market momentum for smartphones is growing quickly, making it even more attractive to move to mobile and Symbian OS.”

開放給開發者下載的 P.I.P.S. for Symbian OS v9.1(目前還是 beta 版本)將在 2007 年三月底左右,在 Symbian Developer Network 上以 .SIS 檔案格式釋出,請大家引頸期待吧!

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