iPhone 晶片供應商

巴隆金融雜誌已經揭露 iPhone 裡頭的晶片供應商名單:Report: Samsung, CSR, Infineon, Marvell Winners in Apple iPhone, Broadcom, Nvidia, Losers
iPhone Chipset Vendor

Our checks at [the Consumer Electronics Show] and through the Apple supply chain have provided us with additional clarity as to the silicon suppliers to the new iPhone. We believe Infineon will supply the baseband. Samsung will provide a combined applications/video processor. We believe Broadcom will provide a touch screen controller (about $2 per unit content), but NOT the video processor. Marvel will provide the 802.11 chip (about $3 – $5 content), and Cambridge Silicon Radio (CSR) will provide the Bluetooth chip. Our checks indicate that Apple has provided a current 2007 forecast of 6 million units to its contract manufacturer, and that manufacturer is able to provide 50% upside to that forecast if necessary, putting the current 2007 unit forecast at 6 million – 9 million units.

裡頭有提到摩根史坦利的分析師 Rebecca Runkle 在 2006/12/13 預測的 iPhone 晶片供應商名單幾乎全部命中,並且將 Apple 的目標價調高至 USD $110:Apple: Morgan Stanley Boosts Price Target To $110
Apple: Morgan Stanley Boosts Price Target to $110

We believe that Samsung will provide the combination applications / video processor to the new video iPod (codename M45). Our checks indicate the new iPod is scheduled to be launched in early 3Q. Existing video iPod transition slower than expected, likely to provide one additional quarter of revenue for Broadcom, Nvidia. Our checks indicate that Apple continues to place orders for the existing video iPod (codename M25b). Our checks suggest that M25b production with the PortalPlayer (now Nvidia) and Broadcom chips was previously supposed to end in 1Q, but now appears likely to continue into 2Q. Net, we think Nvidia and Broadcom will continue to enjoy revenue from the M25b platform through 2Q, but will drop to zero thereafter. Readers of our research will remember that we had earlier indicated our belief that Nvidia/PortalPlayer would enjoy some content in the new iPhone and iPod video platforms. We note that for Broadcom, we had previously assumed that its Apple business would drop to zero – so the screen controller content we believe Broadcom has in the iPhone, therefore, represents an incremental positive. For Nvidia, we don’t think the Apple business was ever in consensus estimates in the first place, so we don’t think this represents any risk to estimates. We do continue to believe that the combination of PortalPlayer and Nvidia does provide Nvidia with a good chance of winning silicon content on future Apple platforms for 2008, and will also add to Nvidia’s growing traction in the traditional cell phone space.

BB 確定是之前傳說的 Infineon,至於 APP 則是由 Samsung 得單,Nvidia(前不久才購併 PortalPlayer,所以才一直被拿出來講)雖然沒有搶到 iPhone 的訂單但仍可以藉由原有的 iPod video 訂單賺到錢,況且日後 iPhone 說不定也是會向 Nvidia 下單。



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