solve 與 resolve 的差異


From Language Forums : Difference between solve and resolve

solve a problem, mystery or murder
resolve an argument
both are from the same Latin root though.


To resolve is used differently than solve. To resolve is used when there are (usually)two differing opinions and there needs to be a decision made between the two. As rogelio says, resolve is used mainly with an argument between two people.

Resolve is also used as a noun. “He has a lot of resolve”, meaning: you have a lot of determination or you have the ability to put your mind to something deliberately.

To solve a problem means to find an answer using all the information provided and determining the answer. To solve the crime, the police used all the evidence they found in the apartment.

還有從 Yahoo ! 雅虎香港 知識+ 來的答案:resolve 同 solve 用法有何分別?

Generally, when it comes to problems, people use “solve” when it’s a problem that doesn’t involve a disagreement with another person.

e.g. if I was locked out of my house because I didn’t have my keys, I would work to find a way to SOLVE the problem by finding a way to get into my house.

Usually the word “resolve” is used with problems that involve other people and disagreements. If there is a misunderstanding or a difference of opinion as far as how something should be done or whether or not something should be done, people work together to “resolve” the issue.

e.g. The council members RESOLVE to enact the law to protect the environment.

或許,最後再看 BBC World Service – Learning English – Ask about English 的教學才算完整。

而從此之後,我終於更深一層體會 svn resolve 的意義和功能所在了~ :-)

svn resolve


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