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CollabNet 特地針對 Subversion 以及 Collaborative Software Development 設立線上社群網站 openCollabNet

Subversion has rapidly become the standard open source version control system. How can you get started or be more productive with Subversion and optimize your development environment? CollabNet, the initiator and primary corporate sponsor of Subversion, just launched openCollabNet, an extension to Subversion and CollabNet’s products as well as a community site for users. At openCollabNet you get free access to product downloads, in-depth technical content, support and training resources and ways to interact with other users and CollabNet experts.


若您想馬上加入,請直接點擊下面這個 URL 鏈結(轉自 CollabNet 官方邀請函)即可。


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I'm easygoing and sometimes sentimental, also can be very funny. Geek style but social. A Blogger, a Wikipedian and an Engineer.
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