xearthBravo ! xearth 又回來囉!哈哈哈….. 讚~ (Y)

Greg Hewgill 這位仁兄把 xearth 給 port 到 M$ Windows 上來了:xearth for Windows。

我又可以重溫大學時期在 FreeBSD 上最愛的桌面了。 *w00t*

而且當你欣賞太陽系最美麗的星球時,還可以觀察到世界上哪些地方有地震喔!xearth 程式透過美國國家地震資訊中心的伺服器提供全球各地的地震資訊,請注意地球上出現黃色圈圈的地方,就是該處地震正在發生喔。

xearth quake

事實上,我的王道是,xearth 再加上 xsnow,完美… cCcc


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2 Responses to xearth

  1. Tristine says:

    i have looked for this software for a long time.
    i had a similar one b4 but i’ve lost it by an accident
    i dl-ed one from the url u gave in this page
    but i dont know how to use it
    could u pls tell me how to use it?
    thank you very much



  2. mtlin says:

    Hello, Tristine:

    Just look at the Windows Tray, you can see an earth icon. Move your mouse onto it and right click. Then you’ll know how to use it. 🙂

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