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Many people who read and take part in the forums always have questions regarding NAVTEQ and TeleAtlas data, various questions like “why roads are not appearing in the end product release of the software I purchased?”. We have been talking at length with both NAVTEQ and TeleAtlas recently about these sorts of questions and how the companies collect their data and process it.

NAVTEQ recently invited the Team to visit one of their data field offices based in Borehamwood. Darren, Mike and myself attended the field office and the main objectives were to see NAVTEQ at work, receive a presentation, understand how the various data is collected and mapped into layers, and to take part in a road survey where a NAVTEQ data collection team drive and map some roads.

NAVTEQ field car

NAVTEQ Part 1/3 – A Visit to NAVTEQ

NAVTEQ Part 2/3 – Mapping Ireland

NAVTEQ Part 3/3 – Road Data and Country Coverage



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