ARM Announces CPU Design Center in Taiwan | ARM 宣布在台成立 CPU 設計中心


As part of Computex 2014, ARM has announced their first CPU Design Center in Taiwan, focusing on the next generation of Cortex-M class cores for IoT and wearables. Initially this will mean 40-50 individuals within the talent pool in 2014 before scaling based on demand. A large part of the press event has been geared towards demand for ARM processors and the segmentation therein, focusing on the uses of Cortex-M within an ecosystem that counts sixteen billion processors shipped into embedded to date.


ARM will be working with research institutes to grow and scale, with the aim to produce important engineers with experience in the field. ARM sees Taiwan as a focal point of the industry with respect to the large number of ARM’s semiconductor partners in the region, hence the choice of the region for their fourth CPU design center. One of the outputs of the new design center, due to the increase of interest in wearables, ARM sees the segment as two main parts – the low end sensor based wearables, and the high power models requiring sensor calculation relating to features such as HUDs, particularly in the professional and medical markets.

ARM also mentioned it is developing MBED, a platform for embedded developers incorporating an OS and a system of tools to help bring ideas to fruition. THe platform will be open source, with libraries and web based tools allowing developers to mix and match microcontrollers, radios, sensors and software stacks.
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ARM 宣布在台成立 CPU 設計中心

ARM 行銷長暨市場開發執行副總裁 LAN Drew
圖為 ARM 行銷長暨市場開發執行副總裁 LAN Drew。蕭榕 攝

ARM 今宣布將在新竹成立亞洲第 1 個 CPU(中央處理器)設計中心,主要負責 ARM Cortex-M 處理器系列產品的設計、驗證與開發、鎖定物聯網、穿戴式置與嵌入式應用市場,預計 2014 年底揭幕。

不過,ARM 低調並未進一步透露投資金額與預計招募的人力多寡,但據了解招募人力約在百名左右。

ARM 執行 Simon Segars 表示,由於台灣鄰近 ARM 重要的半導體和生態系合作夥伴,且擁有高素質的在地工程人才,使得台灣成為 ARM 擴大 CPU 設計的理想地點,這座新的設計中心將著重在 ARM Cortex-M 處理器系列產品的開發,而這系列產品正是當今物聯網應用的最佳設計選擇,透過在台灣成立世界 CPU 設計團隊,ARM 將與亞太地區的主要合作夥伴展開更緊密的合作,一起加速應用市場的成長。(蕭文康/台北報導)


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