First Sunplus mMobile 3GPP Rel-8 (LTE) CR accepted in RAN2 61bis meeting

I heard this LTE CR is also the first one among all Taiwan based 3GPP RAN2 participators!

Sunplus mMobile‘s DRX documents presented and agreed in 3GPP TSG-RAN WG2 #61bis meeting, in Shenzhen, China. R2-081879 is the original version, while R2-081997 is the revised version prepared by Ericsson and Qualcomm. Sunplus mMobile is listed as the co-authur of revised draft CR.

3GPP RAN2 LTE (Rel-8) CR R2-081997

The discussion progress is recorded in the R2-082026 sec, Sunplus mMobile first proposed their opinions while LG presented R2-081603, and then presented their view in R2-081879.

To my surprise, it only takes Sunplus mMobile 9 months to demonstrate their technical capability in this field, from last year I found their first contribution. Moreover it shows that they understand the significance of standards in the technology industry, and are willing to continuously invest in participating in 3GPP standard group to stay at the forefront of state-of-the-art technology. Now this CR can also prove their commitment to 3GPP UMTS standardization organizations.

It’s Hard Work. (said by Bush… :-P) Even ASUSTeK still needed to sign a licensing agreement with Qualcomm. ASUSTeK has been extending its presence in 3G for several years, but it has not yet reached an agreement with Qualcomm regarding possible cross-licensing, as ASUSTeK itself owns some 3G chip intellectual property (IP). According to the Technology Transfer Center (TTC) of Taiwan, the number of 3G patents that ASUSTeK holds in Taiwan exceeds 130, a number surpassed only by Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI).

It’s a long long road to get “enough” 3GPP essential patents (or IPs), and I admire Sunplus mMobile‘s courage and the determination to target on the cutting-edge technology, LTE. A good beginning for Sunplus mMobile. Congratulations!


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