Will WCDMA Revenues beat GSM Revenues?

For the first time in history, the spending on 2G declined in markets like China and India when compared with the expenditure of WCDMA networks.

The research conduced by Dell Oro Group amazed quite a good portion of the telecom world here.

The results say that the $10 billion generated from mobile technology’s infrastructure had $5 billion as WCDMA’s share, which makes the wireless technology cross the level of GSM revenue!

You can hold China Unicom responsible for this. The operator proved to be a spendthrift when it came to 3G roll out in the country. The analysts at the Group said the 3G auction in India would further impress these results in developing markets.

A lot many operators would be launching their commercial LTE networks by the end of 2010, this will lead to an other serious decline in 2G revenues.


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