Spreadtrum Announces the World’s First Commercial 40nm Low Power TD-HSPA /TD-SCDMA Multi-mode Communication Baseband Processor

BEIJING, Jan. 18, 2011 — Spreadtrum Communications, Inc. (Nasdaq: SPRD; “Spreadtrum” or the “Company”), a leading fabless semiconductor provider in China with advanced technology in both 2G and 3G wireless communications standards, today announced the world’s first 40nm low power TD-HSPA/TD-SCDMA multi-mode communication baseband processor, the SC8800G. The new product was announced during a technology forum jointly held by Spreadtrum, China Semiconductor Industry Association, Qingdao Hisense Communication Co., Ltd., Huawei Device Co., Ltd. and Shenyang New Postcom Equipment Co., Ltd. at the Great Hall of the People, Beijing, China. At the forum, Spreadtrum successfully demonstrated its latest commercial mobile handsets based on the SC8800G.

Designed with 40nm CMOS silicon technology, the SC8800G achieves groundbreaking levels of performance and integration while simultaneously reducing power consumption, lowering overall costs and meeting the need for next generation communication experience. Spreadtrum SC8800G enables TD-HSUPA, TD-SCDMA, GSM, GPRS and EDGE operation and supports TD-HSDPA at 2.8Mbps, TD-HSUPA at 2.2Mbps. This product will enable the price of TD-SCDMA mobile terminals to be close to that of 2.5G products. At the same time, it will offer a reliable platform for various 3G services and will play an integral role in driving the development of TD-SCDMA, TD-LTE and 4G technology. The TD-HSPA/TD-SCDMA multi-mode mobile phones developed based on SC8800G have already passed the network access testing of Telecommunication Bureau of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the market entry testing of China Mobile, meeting all commercial standards.

SC8800G achieves great speed advancement while significantly reducing power consumption. The chip is an ideal solution for customers to develop competitive low power consumption mobile handsets. Furthermore, this world’s first commercial 40nm low power TD-HSPA/TD-SCDMA multi-mode communication baseband processor will contribute to the development of Intelligent City, Internet of Things, Mobile Internet and the integration of telecommunications networks, cable TV networks and Computer network in China.

Dr. Leo Li, Spreadtrum‘s President and CEO said, “As the inventor of the world’s first commercial 40nm low power TD-HSPA/TD-SCDMA multi-mode communication baseband processor, we are proud of our cutting-edge technology in 3G communication standards, our design capability in advanced technology and our world-class engineering team. The commercial TD-HSPA/TD-SCDMA mobile phones developed based on the SC8800G are representative of the progression from ‘made in China’ to ‘invented in China’. China’s IC design companies are presented with tremendous opportunities as the country undergoes a major upgrade in industry and economy development. Spreadtrum is dedicated to the continuous technology innovation in order to capitalize on these opportunities and play an instrumental role in the growth of China’s IC industry.”
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