BBC: The most-read stories of 2009

今天是 2009 最後一天,我們來看看 BBC 統計的 2009 最多人閱讀的故事(新聞)是哪些。

The most-read stories of 2009

From the king of pop to the queen of reality TV, from swine flu to MPs’ expenses, these are among the year’s most-read stories.

There are goodbyes and near-misses, extremes in the weather, and a few light-hearted moments alongside more serious tales.

生活中有電話簿,怎沒人想到給手機號碼也做個電話簿?這則新聞最引起我的好奇,她要怎麼辦到。至於在屋頂上畫根…的那則新聞是我最意外的入選者。 XD 霹靂貓那個也很神秘,有像尼斯湖水怪傳說…


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