How to keep engineers happy

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Companies said they retain employees by setting the stage for them to find professional opportunity, satisfaction, reward and growth. They keep engineers close to the excitement of solving problems and creating products, and try to minimize everything else. They reduce attrition by controlling for factors that would give engineers cause to look elsewhere for work.


“It’s pretty basic, It comes down to making people feel valued and recognized, and creating a place they enjoy working, where they get meaning out of their work.”

How to keep engineers happy右邊是 EE Times 針對半導體供應商的調查,結果顯示人員異動率由最高的 12% (Actel Corp.) 到 Renesas Technology Corp. 的小於 1% 異動率,幅度頗大。而 Analog Device Inc. 則是由早期的 3% ~ 4% 人員異動率升高到近年的 7%(這個數字剛好是所有調查對象的人員異動率之平均值)左右。


They also show that engineers change jobs in many cases because they want more excitement, better recognition or greater opportunity than they believe they can get from their current employer. Sometimes they are simply turned off by factors their employer cannot control.

Johns Hopkins 大學 Carey 商學院的教授說到

Most workers would rather not change jobs. Workers change jobs when pushed by some outside or internal force, such as a call from an employment agency, the concerns of family or a change in the company’s stability.

“Engineers are no different than other employees in these regards. If an organization pays a fair salary and constantly shows the engineer that they are valued, the chance of their leaving is small.”

如何保持每位員工都覺得工作有挑戰目標,有動機去做,很重要,Micron CMOS imaging products 工程團隊經理 Ed Jenkins 說到

“It’s challenging to keep everyone challenged. They’re all very driven, like myself. Some parts of the work are not always the most exciting stuff. The key is to keep people interested, because if they get bored they start looking for other things to do.”

另外,機會也是一個重點。有人因為總經理的親自招待禮聘而離開原公司;有人因為離職到新工作崗位後,可以有機會進修 PhD,而做決定。國界已經沒有障礙,跨國跨洲工作的人到處都有,這現象又以歐洲大陸以及英語系統國家最為普遍。

Opportunity is the main reason engineers change jobs.


Effective leadership is another factor in keeping employees motivated and engaged. It comes down to communicating goals and conferring respect, both personally and professionally. “There is no reason that this cannot be accomplished,” Johns Hopkins’ Iserson said. “And respect for professionals costs the company little to no extra money.”


Mutual respect is key.



And “survey after survey” shows that “having a friend or friends at work” is central to an employee’s desire to stay put, he said. “So having an environment that’s collegial is an important way of helping retain people.”


If an employer does right by an engineer through the first two or three years of employment, the chances of long-term retention increase, said ADI’s Javorski. “This includes all of those things that contribute to workers’ wanting to stay,” he said: good communication, good compensation, good leadership, good products and good strategic vision.

“I call it ‘managing the transition,’ ” Javorski said. “If you take care of that, other things take over. All of these are plans, not just happenstance.”


2007/7/3 update

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