LSI acquired 3ware

FreeBSD 上支援度很好且風評不錯的 SATA RAID card 廠商 3ware,其磁碟陣列控制卡產品線被 LSI 買下!

LSI welcomes 3ware: Q&A

Q: What has been announced?
A: LSI Corporation has acquired the assets and certain associated intellectual property of the 3ware® RAID adapter business of Applied Micro Circuits Corporation (AMCC) as of Tuesday, April 21, 2009. The combination of LSI and 3ware provides access to a best-in-class portfolio of host-bus RAID adapter solutions with outstanding customer support from one company.

Q: Why has LSI acquired 3ware and what does 3ware sell?
A: 3ware controllers are expected to complement and enhance the existing LSI MegaRAID and Host Bus Adapter product lines. 3Ware products include SAS and SATA RAID controllers designed to offer cost-effective, high-performance, high-capacity storage solutions for a broad range of applications. 3ware controllers are sold to end users through a worldwide network of channel partners including leading storage distributors and system builders.

LSI 在 2007 將其行動通訊產品部門賣給 infineon,現在看起來是想要專注在自身的存儲業務和產品上。而大家所關心的 3ware 的產品 roadmap 是否會延續,也有給了部份答案:

Q: Will 3ware’s products still be available?
A: There are no immediate plans for EOL of any 3ware or LSI products. Customers should continue purchasing product from their preferred distributor.

Q: Will 6Gb/s 3ware products be available?
A: Yes, 3ware 6Gb/s controllers are being developed and will be built based on LSI silicon.

歐洲的 silicon vendor 紛紛進入整併時代,反觀台灣的 IC design house 還是多如牛毛,熱門產品的市場競爭激烈,殺價到血流成河,匯聚成紅海…。


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