2007 Taipei 101 International Climbathon

Taipei 101 ClimbathonClimb TAIPEI 101 for CHARITY and then be rewarded with spectacular views on the 91st floor observation deck followed by a party on the Ground Floor.

An outstanding landmark is enough to transform a city, e.g. the Empire State Building in New York City, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, or the new Jinmao Mansion in Shanghai. In the 21st century, Taipei needs a more expansive stage for a more brilliant performance. 101 stories above ground and 5 stories below, the 508-meter-tall Taipei Project 101 is an engineering feat that’s expected to bring Taipei to the world.

Welcome to Taiwan !

International Taipei 101 Climbathon

Would you like to take the challenge ?

Climb Taipei 101 and see the fantastic view from the highest building in the world ? (You can enjoy the 2007 Fireworks first !)

The 2007 Taiwan Youni International Climbathon for Charity – on May 5th is calling for individuals or corporate teams to sign up now !

International Taipei 101 Climbathon

Click on http://www.internationalclimbathon.com/ for registration before April 20th or call 02-2836-8134 for more information. Space is limited ! All proceeds go to the Garden of Hope and CSC (Community Service Center) affiliated charities.

The International Climbathon is presented by CSC and ICRT. Sponsored by Taiwan U-Plus !


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