Driving Lessons

Driving Lessons

Evie Walton: [to Ben] You see an attractive woman, living on her own, you wonder: Is she a roaring lesbian? Answer, no! For your information I was married three times. Once to an actor, once to an English lord and once to a Californian. All work things… My mistake, You on the other hand, might well be gay.
Ben: I’m not gay!
Evie Walton: Not gay apparently.

Laura Marshall: Where the hell have you been? It’s six o’ clock.
Ben: I got held up.
Laura Marshall: Got held up? We had a driving lesson at four. You should’ve let me know.
Ben: There was nowhere to call from, if I had a mobile…
Laura Marshall: Mobiles give you cancer!

Ben: Oh my god! You swallowed the key!
Driving LessonsEvie Walton: What a relief, he swears.
Ben: You swallowed the fucking key!
Evie Walton: Even better!

Ben: My mother’s gonna kill me. You don’t understand. She said I wasn’t to come. I asked and she said no. You don’t say yes when my mother says no, you don’t do it!
Evie Walton: My dear boy, the key will be back with us in the morning! I’m regular as clock work.

[after having sex]
Ben: Thank you for having me.

Ben: God gave you your talent for a reason.
Evie Walton: There’s no God, you pompous little cretin!
Ben: God forgives you for that too.
Evie Walton: Let’s get one thing clear, sunny boy! I do the forgiving, not God!
Ben: That’s a terrible thing to say!

Evie Walton: You never read the bloody thing anyway!
Ben: [indignant] I read my Bible every night!
Evie Walton: Liar!
Ben: [shocked] Liar?
Ben: You tell me I’m a liar? I’d never met anyone who lied so much in all my life! You make out all people out of thin air! You make out professations! You make out money!
Evie Walton: [at the same time Ben’s talking] You said you’d be there at eleven and you weren’t. For one time I really needed you and you let me down at one time!

Sarah: You’re very angry, aren’t you? Don’t be. You’re still God’s gift. Every day God gives us is a gift. That’s why we call it the present.
Ben: Fuck off, Sarah.

Ben: Remember I’m a poet too Evie, I understand the power of words.

Driving Lessons

Robert Marshall: [talking about Laura] I think it’s better this way.
Ben: How can you say that? After all the shit she put you through, how can you say that to me? You’re my dad! You’re meant to stand up for yourself! You should’ve divorced her! You should’ve told her to bloody well fuck off!
Robert Marshall: I did. It was me who asked for the divorce.


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