Sunplus acquire Sunplus mMedia

Sunplus Technology Co., Ltd announced acquisition of its “grandson company”, Sunplus mMedia Inc. today.


  • Name and nature of the subject matter (if preferred shares, the terms and conditions of issuance shall also be indicated, e.g. dividend yield): Shares of Sunplus mMedia Inc.
  • Date of occurrence of the event: 2008/10/29
  • Volume, unit price, and total monetary amount of the transaction:
    1. Volume:up to 65,000,000 shares
    2. Unit price: NT$11.6679
    3. Total monetary amount of the transaction: NT$758,413,500
  • Counterpart to the trade and its relationship to the Company (if the trading counterpart is a natural person and furthermore is not an actual related party of the Company, the name of the trading counterpart is not required to be disclosed): Sunplus mMobile Inc., Subsidiary of Sunplus
  • Where the counterpart to the trade is an actual related party, a public announcement shall also be made of the reason for choosing the related party as trading counterpart and the identity of the previous owner (including its relationship with the company and the trading counterpart), price of transfer, and date of acquisition: N/A
  • Where a person who owned the property within the past five years has been an actual related person of the company, a public announcement shall also include the dates and prices of acquisition and disposal by the related person and the person’s relationship to the company at those times: N/A
  • Matters related to the creditor’s rights currently being disposed of (including types of collateral of the disposed creditor’s rights; if the creditor’s rights are creditor’s rights toward a related person, the name of the related person and the book amount of the creditor’s rights toward such related person currently being disposed of must also be announced): N/A
  • Anticipated profit or loss from the disposal (not applicable in cases of acquisition of securities) (where originally deferred, the status or recognition shall be stated and explained): N/A
  • Terms of delivery or payment (including payment period and monetary amount), restrictive covenants in the contract, and other important stipulations: one-off.
  • The manner in which the current transaction was decided, the reference basis for the decision on price, and the decision-making department:
    1. professional opinion by LIAN-WEI CPA‘s office to determine the price.
    2. decision-making department: Sunplus BOD
  • Current cumulative volume, amount, and shareholding percentage of holdings of the security being traded (including the current trade) and status of any restriction of rights (e.g.pledges):
    1. Volume: up to 65million shares;
    2. Total monetary amount: NT$758,413,500;
    3. Shareholding: 78.79%
    4. status of any restriction of rights: No
  • Current ratio of long or short term securities investment (including the current trade) to the total assets and shareholder’s equity as shown in the most recent financial statement and the operating capital as shown in the most recent financial statement:
    1. Ratio of the investment to the total assets: 62.74%
    2. Ratio of the investment to shareholder’s equity: 80.98%
    3. operating capital (recent financial statement): NT$1,611,401,000
  • Broker and broker’s fee: N/A
  • Concrete purpose or use of the acquisition or disposition: Long-term investment
  • Net worth per share of company underlying securities acquired or disposed of: NT$15.44
  • Do the directors have any objection to the present transaction?: No
  • Has the CPA issued an opinion on the unreasonableness of the price of the current transaction?: No
  • Any other matters that need to be specified: N/A

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Quoted from TAIWAN STOCK EXCHANGE – Market Observation Post System
本公司董事會決議取得凌陽多媒體 (股) 公司股權案之相關內容

  • 標的物之名稱及性質(屬特別股者,並應標明特別股約定發行條件,如股息率等):凌陽多媒體(股)公司股票
  • 事實發生日:97/10/29 ~ 97/10/29
  • 交易數量、每單位價格及交易總金額:
    1. 交易數量:預計不高於 65,000,000 股
    2. 每單位價格:預計 11.6679 元
    3. 交易總金額:預計 758,413,500 元
  • 交易相對人及其與公司之關係(交易相對人如屬自然人,且非公司之實質關係人者,得免揭露其姓名):
    1. 交易相對人:凌陽電通科技股份有限公司
    2. 其與公司之關係:母子公司
  • 交易相對人為實質關係人者,並應公告選定關係人為交易對象之原因及前次移轉之所有人(含與公司及相對人間相互之關係)、移轉價格及取得日期:不適用
  • 交易標的最近五年內所有權人曾為公司之實質關係人者,尚應公告關係人之取得及處分日期、價格及交易當時與公司之關係:不適用
  • 本次係處分債權之相關事項(含處分之債權附隨擔保品種類、處分債權如有屬對關係人債權者尚需公告關係人名稱及本次處分該關係人之債權帳面金額:不適用
  • 處分利益(或損失)(取得有價證券者不適用)(原遞延者應列表說明認列情形):不適用
  • 交付或付款條件(含付款期間及金額)、契約限制條款及其他重要約定事項(註一):一次付清
  • 本次交易之決定方式、價格決定之參考依據及決策單位:
    1. 本次交易之決定方式:股權轉讓
    2. 價格決定之參考依據:依據聯緯聯合會計師事務所出具獨立專家意見書
    3. 決策單位:董事會
  • 迄目前為止,累積持有本交易證券(含本次交易)之數量、金額、持股比例及權利受限情形(如質押情形):
    1. 迄目前為止,累積持有本交易證券(含本次交易)之數量:預計不高於 65,000,000 股;
    2. 金額:預計 758,413,500 元,持股比例:預計 78.79%
  • 迄目前為止,依本準則第三條所列之有價證券投資(含本次交易)占公司最近期財務報表中總資產及股東權益之比例暨最近期財務報表中營運資金數額(註二):

    1. 總資產:62.74% 及股東權益之比例:80.98%
    2. 暨最近期財務報表中營運資金數額:1,611,401 仟元
  • 經紀人及經紀費用:不適用
  • 取得或處分之具體目的或用途:長期投資
  • 每股淨值(A):15.44 元
  • 本次交易董事有異議:否
  • 本次交易會計師出具非合理性意見:否
  • 其他敘明事項:無


  • 標的物之名稱及性質(屬特別股者,並應標明特別股約定發行條件,如股息率等):凌陽多媒體(股)公司股票
  • 事實發生日:97/10/29 ~ 97/10/29
  • 交易數量、每單位價格及交易總金額:
    1. 交易數量:預計不高於 75,000,000 股
    2. 每單位價格:預計 11.6679 元
    3. 交易總金額:預計 875,092,500 元
  • 交易相對人及其與公司之關係(交易相對人如屬自然人,且非公司之實質關係人者,得免揭露其姓名):
    1. 交易相對人:凌陽科技股份有限公司及凌陽創業投資股份有限公司
    2. 其與公司之關係:凌陽科技 – 母子公司;凌陽創投 – 關係企業
  • …… 中略 ……

  • 迄目前為止,累積持有本交易證券(含本次交易)之數量:0 股;
    金額:預計 0 元,持股比例:預計 0%
  • …… 中略 ……

  • 迄目前為止,依本準則第三條所列之有價證券投資(含本次交易)占公司最近期財務報表中總資產及股東權益之比例暨最近期財務報表中營運資金數額(註二):

    1. 總資產:14.18% 及股東權益之比例:25.97%
    2. 暨最近期財務報表中營運資金數額:-859,136 仟元
  • 取得或處分之具體目的或用途:理財
  • 每股淨值(A):15.44 元
  • …… 以下略 ……



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