3GPP TSG RAN WG1 – ‘Turbo Codes’ Lucent Technologies contributions

Lucent Technologies 在 Espoo 提出來的 ‘Turbo Codes’ contributions.

WinZIP Lucent_turbo_code_doc.zip

裡頭最重要的 proposal 就是:

Thus, we propose to use for LCD services the rate 1/3 SCCC scheme based on a rate 2/3 outer, rate ½ inner encoders described in this document. The interleaver can be an S-random interleaver, for which a further optimisation should be performed (it can be done in short time), or, in case the “on-the-fly” implementation were a real necessity (the reason is still unclear at this point), the interleaver proposed by HNS or the RC S-random interleaver proposed by Lucent (see [2]).


WinZIP Lucent_simulator_update.zip
C New3.c

  1. The first one is an updated version of the simulator for PCCC and SCCC which correct the bug for SCCC (only the file MainSCCC.c is actually changed with respect to the previous version, where we converted all the float variables into double).
  2. The second one is the source program for the evaluation of the free distance of 4 state SCCC. The input-output string are in English except the comments which are not relevant for running the program. If there is any problem I will assist you. The permutation file should be stored in the file perm.txt with number ranging from 0 to N-1.

    The input parameters are:

    • Length of the permutation
    • Maximum considered distance
    • Option to write the input and output pattern relative to the free distance codewords

    The output file is sccc.txt


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